About Mountain Karate Academy
Our Staff

Master Paul Maglionico has been studying karate since he was five
years old. He earned his black belt in both Tae Kwon Do Chung Do
Kwan and Tang Soo Do under the instruction of Master Rich Gross and
Rich Maglionico.   He has continued to learn and earned  his
5th degree, Oh Dan Black Belt, which is a Master rank, in the summer
of 2013. He was  honored by  the Eastern USA International Martial Arts
Association, being nominated and  inducted into the Black Belt Hall of
Fame. He also earned the Instructor of the Year award. Paul continues
to learn and advance in rank under the instruction of Master Rich Gross
and the guidance of Grandmaster John Kanzler of the EUSAIMAA

2009 Master Paul was awarded the Pinnacle Award of Success by
Grandmaster Kanzler.
2010 Master Paul was awarded Outstanding Contribution to the Martial
2011 Master Paul was awarded Master Instructor of the Year
2012 Master Paul was inducted into the Legends of the Martial Arts
Hall of Fame
2012 Master Paul was also awarded the Platinum Anniversary
Achievement Award by the EUSAIMAA
Master Paul Maglionico, 5th Dan
Master Rich Gross, 7th Dan
Master Rich Gross earned his black belt in 1994, having
trained at Mountain Karate in Mount Pocono and other
area schools. He is presently a Yuk Dan, which is a sixth
degree black belt.
He moved to the Lehighton area in 2004 and started
training with Rich and Paul Maglionico, whom he had
trained with in years past. In 2006 he passed the torch of
Mountain Karate to Paul Maglionico, but continues to train
Paul so he may further his degrees of black belt.
Rich  was inducted into the EUSAIMAA Black Belt Hall of
Fame in 1999, and also received the Instructor of the
Year at that time. He has taught many young adult and
kids groups, in addition to scouts and mall security
organizations. He continues to study and train in the art of
Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan.
2010 Master Rich was awarded Master of the Year by the
Master Rich Maglionico, 5th Dan
Rich Maglionico originally began training in the Martial Arts in 1966 in
N.J., learning Japanese style karate. He relocated to the Pocono
Mountains in 1986 and shortly after that, he began training in Tang
Soo Do. He earned his black belt in 1997. Rich also trained in Judo
while stationed at Kunson Air Force Base in Korea under Master Ho
in 1969. He achieved the rank of San Kyu (third degree brown belt).
He was president of the Judo club at Langley Air Force Base in
VIrginia, competing in tournaments with other bases until he was
honorably discharged in 1971. In 1982 Rich put together the easy to  
execute and very effective Women's Self Defense program.  
Instructor Rich has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame  
and received "Instructor of the Year" for 2009
Rich was also just promoted to 5th Dan Master Black Belt
2012 Instructor Rich was inducted into the Legends of the Martial
Arts Hall of Fame by the EUSAIMAA
Sharyl Maglionico
Sharyl is the administrator, secretary,
receptionist, and the person to go to with
questions about Mountain Karate Academy.
With many years experience as a karate wife
and mom, she is the one who can address all
concerns that are important to parents whose
children are just beginning their martial arts
2012 received Outstanding Contribution to the
Martial Arts award at the Legends of the Martial
Arts Awards ceremony
Also awarded Outstanding Contribution award
by the EUSAIMAA 2013
Grandmaster John Kanzler
Grandmaster John C. Kanzler/Soke is the Executive
Director  of the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts
Association. He is the Founder/Headmaster of the
American Training System of Self Defense International,
Inc. and the Chancellor of Martial Arts for the EUSAIMAA
College of Martial Arts and Advanced Education. Mountain
Karate Academy is proud to be affiliated with the EUSAIMAA
and Grandmaster Kanzler.
Kim Fitzpatrick, 1st Dan
Kim is the Instructor for the Little
Dragons program. She is a dedicated
martial artist with a heart for young
Instructor Paige, 3rd Dan
Master Kevin L. Kresge, 7th
Master Kresge trained under Grandmaster
Nenow, beginning in 1982. He has been
teaching for more than 20 years. Master Kresge
has trained in several styles of martial arts and
is proficient in American Tae Kwon Do, including
sparring, weapons and traditional TKD forms.
Master Kresge teaches the Weapons class, in
addition to American Tae Kwon Do. Master
Kresge teaches the Weapons class and also
heads up the Sparring class
Master Jan Kresge, 4th
Master Jan also trained under
Grandmaster Nenow. She has trained
for over 20 years. She was rated
Grandmaster Nenow's highest ranked
female student while training under him.
Master Bernard Pfeiffer, 7th Dan
Master Pfeiffer also trained under Grandmaster
Nenow since 1982. He trained in American Tae
Kwon Do. He also trained in various other
disciplines and has successfully competed in the
breaking and sparring divisions on the tournament
Master Steve Meining, 5th Dan
Master Meining is a lifelong martial artist who holds
rank in Isshinryu karate and is a 5th Dan in
American Tae Kwon Do. Master Meining is also
proficient in traditional Okinawan weapons. Master
Meining assists in the weapons class
GrandMaster Lee J. Lesisko:  Instructor 8th Dan -
GrandMaster Lesisko has over 32 years martial arts experience teaching children, teens, and adults
with a focus on Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do karate. As a karate competitor for 25 years, GrandMaster
Lesisko competed in weapons, open hand forms, sparring,  breaking, self-defense, and musical
kata as far south as Georgia, as far north as Massachusetts and as far west as Arizona. He has won
over 500 career trophies and awards including 38 tournament grand championships.

In 1991 the Professional Karate League ranked GrandMaster Lesisko tenth in forms and weapons
competition on the PRO/AM National Karate Circuit Region 10 (PA, DE, WV, VA, DC, and MD). In 1998
he was rated #1 in forms competition by the World Karate Union Rating System and was also
inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as “National Weapons Competitor for that same
Year”. He has earned recognition titles for student of the year (1983, 1984 and 1985), the titles of
Sempai (1987), Renshi (1993), and Chief Martial Arts Instructor (2001). GrandMaster Lesisko
routinely teaches classes and assists with instruction at Mountain Karate Academy.  GrandMaster
Lesisko leads the Jui Jitsu program
Jen Lesisko, 2nd Dan
Instructor Jen has over 10 years’ experience practicing
the art of Jiu Jitsu and self-defense.  She has also
competed as a karate competitor and has placed in
weapons and sparring at numerous tournaments
throughout PA.  Sensei Jen will be assisting with
instruction at Mountain Karate Academy on a regular