Benefits of the Martial Arts
Most people are anxious to advance and improve
themselves, especially children. In addition to belt
advancement, the martial arts offer much more:  

Street awareness
Respect for self and others
Protection against predators
Self Defense
  Positive Attitude
  Self Esteem
 Better Grades
 Physical Fitness
 Competition (not a requirement)
 Stranger Danger awareness
 How to deal with bullies

Our Daughter, Caitlin, has been taking karate for two years now. We are so pleased with the wonderful lessons our daughter has learned. Not only
does she gain confidence by obtaining belts and learning moves, she also has learned the importance of discipline and respect. She has also gained the
ability to concentrate better. Besides karate, she is taught the importance of community and they also stress stranger danger. Master Paul and
Instructor Rich present all of this in a way which is fun and exciting and the exercise is great for the kids. Thank you Mountain Karate!
LS and CS
WOW! We are blessed to have found Mountain Karate Academy. Our sons are in the Special Needs Mentally Disabled class on Saturdays. They
have shown amazing progress in all areas since becoming involved with Karate. They are eager and willing to learn new skills. We continue to be in
awe of their progress. Mountain Karate Academy has made a huge impact in all of our lives.
LH and WH
Any child would benefit from Karate, but as a mother of a child that has problems focusing and constantly falling down, I highly recommend Karate.
I can vouch for the therapeutic values, as I've seen it work for my child, and myself as well !
My child, who is now 7, was lacking confidence, she is shy and always seems afraid of things.  After being in Karate for a short time, i could see her
confidence grow. Once a child has confidence, everything else seems to start to fall into place.
One of the most important things, i feel, was her inability to concentrate/focus and always falling down. I was so concerned with her falling issues,
that i spoke with an Occupational Therapist. My child also has sensory issues. The Therapist told me that one of the best things i could have done for
her, was to have her in Karate!!
Now Iunderstand why........
Every time she makes a "Karate move" she has think about the move before she does it. Its a planned move. Its organized movement....... Good for
focusing, But most importantly........ She is also getting proprioceptive in-put,( the jumping and assorted movements for sensory issues), which also
helps the brain to properly process any incoming information. It all works together. I see the difference in my daughter in all those areas.
Since I began training, Karate has also helped me as far as being focused on what i'm doing outside of Karate.... quite amazing!
We love everyone at Mountain Karate Academy, it's like a big family.
We always look forward to going........................

It is not easy for a child who faces many challenges to have a great self-esteem, confidence and self-determination. Our son has life-threatening food
allergies, Asperger’s Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, all of which are hidden disabilities.  He often gets judged unfairly by his peers and
adults because of his unseen differences. We enrolled our son at Mountain Karate in September of 2008. Since that time we have seen a confident
little boy  emerge. Master Paul and Instructor Rich treat all the students with the respect they deserve, the expectation of hard work, and the
knowledge that every child or adult can succeed with the right tools. No one is singled  out negatively for their lack of ability, only encouragement is
heard in the Dojang.
In three short months, our son has tested and gained his yellow belt. But he has achieved something more than just a colored belt around his waist.
With this achievement his self-esteem has increased greatly.  He has confidence in himself and is determined to be “just like Master Paul” by setting
the goal of attaining his black belt to the fourth degree. He is now able to compete in a sport that allows him to be himself without judgment from
outsiders and he is confident enough to do his best and try harder and harder with each class.
If you are having any reservations about enrolling yourself or your child in Tae Kwon Do with Mountain Karate, just move forward and do it. Don’
t wait like we did. This has been the best experience for our son and for us. It hasn’t removed any of challenges our son faces, but it sure is making
them easier for him to face with confidence and self-determination. We look forward to many more years at Mountain Karate with
Master Paul and
Instructor Rich."      

The preceding testimonial was written in 2008 when this student was in the early stage of his martial arts journey. This boy tested on April 28, 2010, for his brown
belt. (the last color belt before black belt). He wrote the following essay:

" Tae Kwon Do has improved a lot of things in my life. I will list some of those things in the following paragraphs.
Tae Kwon Do has given me the self-confidence to be able to talk to all ages of people. In Illuminate sessions, at school, I am not afraid to
raise my hand to answer questions. At Disney World, I am confident to talk to cast members to trade pins.
Tae Kwon Do has given me the determination to do better in Math and other subjects. Instead of saying "I don't know" I try to figure out a
possible answer.
Tae Kwon Do has helped me with my balance and coordination. I don't fall over as much when we do one footed drills at karate. When I ride
my bike, I can go fast and not fall.
The six aspects of Tae Kwon Do are speed, power, focus, balance, accuracy and relaxation. All of these things have changed my personality
and made me a better person."
"I have a 10 year old daughter, she has been taking karate for a little over a year now. Before karate she was a girl without a lot of self confidence
and was being picked on by other kids. Now she carries herself with pride and her confidence shows through. She does not get bullied anymore and is
a much happier and secure child."   

"My daughter has only been in karate a short time, but she absolutely loves going! I feel it is teaching her self confidence and discipline. She is also
benefiting from the exercise and it's helping her with coordination and stamina. Thank you!"  

"I am so thrilled with Mountain Karate'.  My son Anthony has finally found a sports activity that he enjoys.  He is stretching, conditioning and
enhancing his focusing skills, while building his self esteem as a by-product.  The "Dream Come True"  Telethon was a great experience for him and
our family.  Thank you so much for all you do!
I pray for your continued success,"      Denise_(this testimonial was written a few years back. In 2010 Anthony earned his black belt and continues to train and grow at
Mountain Karate Academy)______________________________________

"My children attended a free class at Mountain Karate Academy in May of '07and they absolutely loved it.
When they came home, they both were very excited, and I heard comments such as, 'It was cool, great! I had so much fun!'  We signed them both up
immediately. Since then, my children (ages 8 and 10) have been taught so many terrific things. Not only have they been learning how to defend
themselves in this very uncertain world, but our instructors are weaving in discipline, self-confidence, and respect. When I asked my children why
they enjoy going to Karate class, they responded ,' We have good instructors, we learn to defend ourselves in certain situations, and we play games
that teach you to defend yourself if needed.'
I then took a class to see if karate was for me, and it
definitely is! I personally enjoy the great all around workout, as well as the self-defense being
taught. I too get a personal sense of accomplishment.
I believe the best part of taking karate classes is that I am really able to connect with my kids, as we all have something in common. We are able to
help each other practice at home. We also share in the success of advancing and earning our next colored belt. I would recommend Mountain Karate
Academy to anyone, young or old. There is no wrong time to start training in the Martial Arts.  
We truly enjoy being students at Mountain Karate
"   J.C._( This entire family, who posted this years ago are now black belts and continue to train and teach at Mountain Karate Academy)

"My sons, age 6 and 9, joined the ranks of Mountain Karate in the Spring of 2007. It wasn't long before I started seeing positive results from their
training. The program that the instructors have put together blends the aspects of discipline, physical fitness, and a variety of martial arts techniques.
After only a few months of routine attendance, I have seen them set and accomplish goals, learn how to defend themselves and become more
physically fit. Their focus and discipline has increased as well, not just in the dojang but also at home and at school. My wife and I have encouraged
them to try a variety of activities ranging from bowling leagues to organized sports. Karate is one thing I believe they will continue for a long time.
They both have set lofty goals for themselves in the martial arts and are looking forward to accomplishing them over the next few years. Personally, I
was so impressed with the program that I decided to join the adult class in October. It is a great workout and rewarding to be able to receive
instruction from high rank black belts trained in a variety of martial arts styles. The most rewarding thing of all has been sharing the experience of
martial arts with my sons."        T.H., A.H., and J.H. (This entire family has also continued in the Martial Arts and are all now black belts, training and
teaching at Mountain Karate Academy)______________________

Finding activities and sports for a child with Special Needs is not easy. Up until now Karate was never an option. A year ago I had heard
about a Special Needs class being offered at Mountain Karate. We decided to give it a try. A year later my daughter still attends weekly
and loves it! The program has benefited her in so many ways, the biggest being a sense of pride and accomplishment. There have also been
other areas that are improved. She is able to focus much better on any task that she is doing. I could go on and on,.But also I want to add
what a great staff they have. The instructors and helpers make it so enjoyable. Thanks Mountain Karate for offering this wonderful class!!
D. S.
Mountain Karate has been an answered prayer from God when it comes to my son. He is Special Needs. He has A.D.H.D., A.D.D., and O.
D.D. Since he has been coming to karate, he has come out of his shell. This school has helped him with his temper. He listens a lot better in
school and at home. His grades have improved. My son loves coming here. This has really been the best thing for him. This school is highly
recommended by my entire family. You won't be sorry when you enroll here. If it can help my son, just think what it can do for your child!