Women's Self Defense
The Women's Self Defense program was
designed and first implemented in 1982. It was
created with the goal of enabling women to
protect themselves from assault. Twenty-five
years later the world has become an even more
dangerous place, so these skills are crucial for
all women to know. Class meets once a week
for 4 weeks
Ladies, do you ever go out
alone?  If so, you need to know
the skills to protect yourself in
the event of an attack!
Because today's women are super busy, it is not always possible for
them to come to us. So, we will come to you! Company owners, if you
have a large female employee base, and an area that can accommodate
at least 12 women for training, we will teach the women's self defense
course to your employees where they work!
610-377-0323      610-377-5900
Once you have taken the Ladies Self Defense Course,
you are a lifetime member of Mountain Karate
Academy. This means you may come back for a
refresher course to keep your skills sharp and to learn
new techniques!