Mountain Karate Academy
Master Paul Maglionico, Instructor
Congratulations to EUSAIMAA 2013 award recipients:

Master Paul Maglionico, Master Lee Lesisko, Master Kevin
Kresge, Master Jan Kresge, Instructor Kim Fitzpatrick, Cassie
Williams, and Sharyl Maglionico
Mountain Karate Academy is
a proud sponsor of Dream
Come True, March of Dimes,
United Way, Carbon
Mountaineer Food and Toy
Drive and The American
Cancer Society

Mountain Karate is a student friendly school. We care about you and your kids! No one is ever made to feel bad about themselves, instead we build each student up while instilling discipline, respect, and goal
setting in a welcoming environment.
You will train hard, and be encouraged to be the best you can be.
Come see the difference Mountain Karate can make in yours or your child's life.

Mountain Karate is staffed by nine Master ranked instructors (
4th Dan and up)

We offer on site belt advancement testing

Note to transferring students: If you have achieved a color belt in another style, we will honor your achievement. No one is ever demoted to white belt.
We have Master instructors in Tae Kwon Do/Chung Do Kwan and Tang Soo Do
EUSAIMAA is one of the largest martial arts
associations in the world, with membership in 70
countries. Come join the best!!!

Our reputation speaks for itself...groups we've taught  and
places we've demonstrated:
Concourse Club
Lady Lions
Girl Scouts
Boy Scouts
Ss Peter and Paul School
St. Josephs Regional Academy
LCCC SHINE program
LCCC Non credit course offering
Lehighton School District
Franklin Elementary
East Penn Elementary
Mahoning Elementary
Shull David Elementary
Lehighton Middle School
Lehighton High School
Carbon County Fair
Carbon County Safe Kids
Penns Peak Dream Come True Telethon
Jack and Jill PreSchool
Ladies Workout Express
Care Net
Commonwealth Connections Academy
LBMorris School, Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe High School teachers
West Penn Elementary
Tamaqua Elementary
Rush Elementary
Kids 4 Kids United
Wilson Elementary, Lodi, NJ
St. Jeromes, Tamaqua
Channel 13's "Talk of the Town"
Penns Peak Christmas in July
Blue Mountain Health Systems
Bump and Grind Internet Radio Show with Doc
United Way
Lehighton Pool Pals
Pocono Elementary Center
Lehighton Middle School Summer Camps
Jackson Township Fire Department
Little Blessings Pre School

Let us instruct your group in self defense skills! We also do
stranger danger awareness and bullying education. Call for
more information
We are available for private demonstrations and group instruction. We can come to you, or you may
bring your group to our large facility.
Call for more information!
Questions to ask  when choosing a Martial Arts School

1.    Q. How many Black Belt Instructors are on staff? How many of them are Master ranked? Is there always a black belt instructor on the floor for every class? (not a trainee)
A.  Mountain Karate Academy has 15 adult Black Belt Instructors, nine of whom are Master ranked. Cumulatively, this adds up to over 250 years experience! We also have
teen black belt assistants on the floor to assist the children with their skills.
Never does a color belt lead a class alone!

2.   Q. Are all instructors certified with a reputable association and held accountable? Is the school part of a larger association?
A. We belong to the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association, which has membership in 70 countries worldwide. All Instructors must be certified through this
association. The Grandmaster observes and approves all Black Belt tests.

3.     Q.  Is self-defense, stranger danger, and bullying education a regular part of the curriculum?
A. Yes, Yes, and Yes. Self defense and street awareness are taught in our classes. We have also demonstrated and taught  stranger danger/bullying education in many area
schools, and will bring our seminar to outside groups when requested! We have a complete Stranger Danger / Bullying curriculum.

  Q. How long has the school been in business? A proven track record is important!
A. Mountain Karate was formed in 1990. The Lehighton Charter opened in 2007.

  Q. Is the school community minded? Is it established and well referenced in the community? Is the student given opportunities for community service?
A. We have participated and headed up many fundraisers and our students are encouraged to participate

 Q. Is the training area roomy and is there adequate space for parents to view the class? Are parents encouraged to observe?
A. Our training area is a full 2000 sq. ft. gymnasium with bleacher seating.

Q. Is the school a full-time venture, and can someone usually be reached?
A. Mountain Karate is a full-time school. Call us or email us anytime!

 Q. Does the school teach traditional martial arts, or are they more concerned with fighting? Is fitness and good technique stressed? Are the belt advancements "given
away" or are they earned? Is testing on-site?
A. We teach traditional Korean Martial Arts. Skill is stressed and belt testing is scheduled only when the student is ready. All testing is done on-site.

9. Q. Is the school kid-friendly? Does the school stress making the child a better person...disciplined, respectful, fit, and focused....rather than pushing fighting and competing?
A. Come in and talk to some of our parents! We stress character building. We teach the children how to avoid a confrontation. We also teach them how to protect themselves
if a confrontation is inevitable.
We are the "real deal"     EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

First two
lessons always
Master Rich Gross, Master Rich Maglionico,
Master John Fagliarone and Master Paul
Group Hyung
Traye Lovejoy
Certified Black Belt Instructor
For uniform alterations, patch
sewing, or other sewing needs,
please contact our seamstress.
Every other Monday in Lehighton at 6:00...JIU JITSU with Master Lee Lesisko,
7th Dan
Master Lesisko has competed for over 25 years and has won over 500 career
trophies and awards, including 38 tournament Grand Championships  
WE DO BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Call for more information!
Alternating Mondays at 7:00 in Lehighton!
Sparring Hour/ Weapons with Master Kresge
Fridays  in Tannersville!
Special Needs Karate
Taught by Instructor Jamie who has her degree in rehabilitative and human
services, and has a background in elementary and special education.
Instructor Jamie is an Ee Dan Black belt. Please call for more information!
Total Raised
from the
held on
August 17th:
Mountain Karate is now offering Tuesday night
high intensity karate classes. Come in and
train in the tradition of the Samurai Warrior,
where the focus is on developing the mind,
body and soul. This class is for the serious
student who wants to hone and improve their
martial art skills. It will focus on American
style Tae Kwon Do which concentrates on
hard blocks straight punches and high kicks
with a blend of practical Japanese styles and
real world self defense training. Classes will
also concentrate on Chi development (life
energy) correct stances, NeK Do Katas
(forms) and physical fitness which are all
essential for the complete martial artist of the
twenty-first century. Remember traditional
martial arts is not just attending karate
classes it is a lifestyle, something you will fall
back on for the rest of your life. Check it out, it
will change your life. Taught by Master Kevin

Note to parents, the student must
demonstrate desire and dedication for
learning traditional karate. Attention and focus
are a must for this class. If you would like to
attend please speak with one of the Mountain
Karate Masters to obtain permission to attend.
There is no extra charge for this class. You
must be pre-approved and signed in advance
to attend.  

Class is held in Lehighton
Tuesday evenings
Winter Weather Cancellations!
We will post cancellations on TV13. Also check the website and your emails!
In the event I don't have power, I will post on the Mountain Karate Facebook page.
If you are in doubt, don't come out! Classes can always be made up.
For the very best in
custom cakes,
Mountain Karate
trusts A Slice of
Heaven. Please feel
free to contact our
baker for your future
events! Better yet,
book your birthday
party at Mountain
Karate Academy and
have A Slice of
Heaven supply the
birthday cake!
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