MKA Events

Kids Self-Defense Summer Clinic .

August 3rd - August 6th

This week long camp will teach basic martial arts, self-defense and bully prevention in a fun and friendly environment! Open to all kids ages 5-12. Click below for more information and to register! 

Master Rich Gross Promotion to Grandmaster

August 26th

On August 26, our very own Master Rich Gross will be promoted to Grandmaster rank. This is a very important promotion, so please try to make it. Congratulations to Master Gross! We will have a regular class following the ceremony.

TKD & Hapkido Seminar .

August 28th

Grandmaster George Somersall, member of the executive advisory board at the EUSAIMAA, will be visiting us from New York. He will be offering a seminar on TKD and Hapkido. All students are welcome. We will be collecting a separate fee to cover Grandmaster Somersall's traveling expenses. Do not miss this!!!

Annual Spring Championship
Open to all outside competitors  -  All Divisions    

Traditional Forms 




Jump Front Kick Challenge 

Lil dragons Front Kick Challenge 

2022 Date TBA

Annual Christmas Dinner & Awards Ceremony .

2021 Ceremony - TBA

EUSAIMAA Global Leadership Conference

Pittsburgh, PA

November 12-13-14, 2021

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