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Mountain Karate Academy was founded in 1990 under Grandmaster Joe Trovato and Master Richard Gross. It got its name simply because it was located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. MKA began as a simple martial arts family class in the basement of a church. It then spawned to numerous students and branches of Mountain Karate schools located in different areas of the United States. Grandmaster Joe Trovato began his training in Korea under Grandmaster Duk Son. While in military service as a United States green Beret. After GM Joe was relocated to the US he found that GM Son was teaching in Central Park in Manhattan. He then continued his journey as a student of GM Son. 


Brief History of Duk Son 

Grandmaster Son was the co-founder of the Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, successor of Lee Won-Kuk and the leader of the Chung Do Kwan School (1950-1959)  

In 1990 Master Richard Maglionico and Master Paul Maglionico began training along side Master Gross and GM Joe. They trained in Chung Do Kwan in the Poconos. They also trained in Tang Soo Do under the World Tang Soo Do Assoc (Grandmaster Jae Shin) and Pocono Tang Soo Do.  

In 1990 Mountain Karate Academy became a charter school with the Eastern United States of America Martial Arts Association under Grandmaster John Kanzler. Mountain Karate was the FIRST charter school in this association which now has over 70 countries.

In 2007 Mountain Karate Academy was born.  It was officially chartered as a branch of the original Mountain Karate. Under the teachings of Master Paul Maglionico, Master Richard Maglionico and Master Richard Gross ll.  As the years passed, MKA has promoted numerous students including multiple blackbelts and Masters.  MKA has also made a mark in the community by teaching special groups and clubs.  

Today MKA is proud to be a role model school, community based and a very well respected school in the Martial Arts World.  With numerous actively training blackbelt instructors and 14 masters, MKA continues to grow strong and pass on the teachings laid out for us thousands of years ago.   

School Awards/Achievements

2008 Pennsylvania Charter School of the Year

2013 Outstanding Contribution Award (Administrator)

2015 Bronze Anniversary Achievement Award

2020 Silver Anniversary Achievement 30 years as a Charter School

Marine Corps Appreciative Award

Times News Readers Choice Best Martial Arts School 2019 through 2023

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